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                          About Us

                          About us

                          Zhejiang Loong rubber ?Co., Ltd.Is located in zhejiang province, which is the most active economy in China. It is the base of imported quality latex silk weaving (anhui jieltai) and the production base of special covering yarn for weaving belt (hangzhou xiaoqing textile).

                          WELCOMEZhejiang Loong Industrial Co., Ltd.

                          Zhejiang Loong rubber  Co., Ltd.Is located in zhejiang province, which is the most active economy in China. It is the base of imported quality latex silk weaving (anhui jieltai) and the production base of special covering yarn for weaving belt (hangzhou xiaoqing textile). The company is located in hangzhou jiande xin 'an river, 50 kilometers away from yiwu city, the largest and most dynamic small commodity base in southeast Asia. It is 10 kilometers away from qiandao lake, a national 5A scenic spot, and 80 kilometers away from hangzhou. Is engaged in the domestic import quality latex silk production; The development, production, sales and service of special covering yarn for elastic belt garment is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise. The company has a strong product research and development force, excellent production equipment, complete means of quality inspection and technology, the production of covering yarn including imported latex silk covering yarn series, spandex covering yarn series, specially used in ribbon, sofa, clothing, underwear, socks and other fields. After years of development, our company has invested a large amount of funds to purchase machinery and equipment, which can meet the requirements of supplying various specifications and packaging related products, mainly including imported latex silk 24, 28, 32, 37, 42, 52, 55 latex silk and covering yarn; And spandex 280D, 420D, 560D, 840D, 1120D, 1680D, 2400D double package and single package, and specifically for foreign trade, all the company's products can pass oeko-tex, o-benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon detection; The company strictly in accordance with iso9001-2007 to establish a quality management system, improve the process, improve product quality; Meet market demand, win customer favor! Enterprise products are exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, India, southeast Asia and other places.

                          The company has been in line with the quality policy "professional, dedicated, excellence; High efficiency, fast, customer supreme "as the highest spirit, with excellent management, technology, quality, service as the basic, with first-class product quality, preferential product prices, satisfactory sales service, to win your support and trust. We are willing to work with friends from all walks of life to common development. And staff and the company unity and cooperation, common growth as the business philosophy; Take on the national ribbon industry, clothing industry, handicrafts and other different manufacturing industry raw materials supply historical mission and responsibility. The company's main products are:

                          Imported quality latex silk black and white: no. 24, no. 28, no. 32, no. 37, no. 42, no. 44, no. 52, no. 55

                          Imported latex silk no. 23 / polyester 150D double bag tension 1:2.6, mainly used in the production of sofa belt;

                          Imported latex silk 28 / polyester 150D double bag pull 1:2.6, mainly used in the production of sofa belt;

                          Imported latex silk no.32 / polyester 150D double bag tension 1:2.6, mainly used in the production of sofa belt;

                          Imported latex silk 32 / polyester 150D double bale tension 1:3.2, mainly used in the production of elastic ribbon;

                          Imported latex silk 37 / polyester 150D double bale tension 1:3.2, mainly used in the production of elastic ribbon;

                          Imported latex silk 42 / polyester 150D double bale tension 1:3.2, mainly used in the production of elastic ribbon;

                          Imported latex silk 52 / polyester 150D double bale tension 1:3.2, mainly used in the production of elastic ribbon;

                          Imported latex silk 52 / polyester 150D double bale tension 1:3.2, mainly used in the production of elastic ribbon;

                          Spandex 420D/ polyester 150D double pack tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 560D/ polyester 150D double pack tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 8400D/ polyester 150D double pack tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 1120D/ polyester 150D double pack tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 420D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 560D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 8400D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 1120D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 1680D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 2500D/ nylon 70D2 double bag tension 1:3.2, for the production of elastic ribbon, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          Spandex 2500D/ nylon 200D double bag pull 1:3.2, used for the production of automotive net bag, can pass the eu's most stringent environmental monitoring;

                          All the above specifications can do single package, special specifications and multiple packages can be customized.

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                          Our advantages


                          • Core strengths

                            The domestic specialized is engaged in the ribbon, the clothing special covering yarn development, the production, the sale, the service is a body large-scale synthesis enterprise

                          • strong

                            Company product research and development force is abundant, the production equipment is excellent, the quality inspection method and the technology are complete

                          • Quality assurance

                            The company strictly in accordance with iso9001-2007 to establish a quality management system, improve the process, improve product quality; Meet market demand

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